PLUG IN PDX is a guide for folks wishing to: 1. fight against bigotry of the alt right, fascists and that buried in each and everyone of us. 2.  to win new found liberation.

Our focus is on local democratic direct action groups. We also list some bigger national groups that may offer useful tools.

We believe that building a social movement is not only the best way to protect each other, but also to build a path to a truly liberated world.

We’ve started from resource lists that 100’s of people, activists from Portland, around the country and The New Inquiry shared. We hope to keep building off of that. Thank you everyone for sharing your resources and Kathryn Kendall for citizen photojournalism.

Want to know what you can do this week? Check out the Activist Calendar.

Help Spread the word. Here’s a Quarter sheet of flyers and Full Sheet flyer.

The stickers are printed!