Bark is awesome! Bark is the resource for community action to protect Mt. Hood National Forest and surrounding federal lands. We prioritize grassroots organizing and believe in the power of an engaged public. We recognize that the forest should thrive not just to provide resources for the human community, but also for the inherent value of nature itself. We maintain an organizational culture that is transparent, inclusive and cooperative, where volunteers, staff and board work together to realize the vision of Bark.

Cascade Forest Defenders

Cascadia Forest Defenders is a grassroots environmental organization committed to stopping the destruction of the Earth, particularly in the region know as Cascadia. We organize collective, nonviolent actions to disrupt the ecologically and economically exploitative industrial timber industry and the 1%. We also offer training and resources to other groups working for environmental and social justice.


Championed primarily by African-Americans, Latinos, Asians and Pacific Islanders and Native Americans, the environmental justice movement addresses a statistical fact: people who live, work, learn, pray and play in America’s most polluted environments are commonly people of color and the poor. Environmental justice advocates have shown that this is no accident. Communities of color, which are often lower-income, are routinely targeted to host facilities that have negative environmental impacts — say, a landfill, dirty industrial plant or truck depot. The statistics provide clear evidence of what the movement rightly calls “environmental racism.” Communities of color have been battling this injustice for decades.

Rising Tide

Rising Tide is an international, all-volunteer, grassroots network of groups and individuals who organize locally, promote community-based solutions to the climate crisis and take direct action to confront the root causes of climate change.

Portland Rising Tide does combine long-term strategic campaigning with educational events to raise awareness and build capacity in our community to stop the plunge into climate chaos.

The Portland chapter of Rising Tide has existed for about six years, and in that time we have been instrumental in the battle to keep LNG out of Mount Hood. We have teamed up with student groups to expose banks that fund mountaintop removal coal mining. We have joined with groups such as Columbia Riverkeeper, The Indigenous Environmental Network and the American Indian Movement to protect the Columbia river from becoming another industrial highway to ship tarsands equipment. We have held teach-ins, movie screenings and workshops ranging from urban bee keeping to road blockades.


Building a diverse grassroots movement to address the causes of climate disruption through justice-based solutions by inspiring, training and mobilizing people to act.

Greenpeace Pacific Northwest

Working to stop coal exports, save the arctic , fix democracy and the climate. Together, we can build a bolder and vibrant movement that leads us to a just transition to a green and peaceful future.